Upcoming Deadlines...

9/22: If your facility needs to renew coverage under the Ohio general industrial storm water permit OHR000006, your NOI is due. All NOI and no exposure certifications are to be filed via eBiz: STREAMS now. The $350 fee can be paid online or by mail.

9/30: Ohio Landfill License Renewal is due. This service is available via eBiz - DMWM Solid Waste/C&DD Facility Licensing. There is also an application fee that is required to be submitted separately by mail.

10/31: The third quarter air permit deviation reports are due.  If you have a PER, check your permit-- you may still have a quarterly report due!

11/15: If you have a fairly new air PTIO and opted for the seasonal reporting period, you may have a PER due.  These reports are automatically created in eBusiness Center or should be mailed to you if your company is non-Title V.  Synthetic Minor facilities are required to use eBusiness Center: Air Services to submit these reports.  These reports are not applicable to Title V facilities.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance!

Recent Deadlines...

7/1: Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reports (EPCRA 313) are due, using CDX or your state’s required software!  Don’t forget to mail the fee worksheet (and payment) to the state agency, if applicable!

7/31:  The second quarter and semi-annual air permit deviation reports.  If you have a PER, check your permit-- you may still have a quarterly or semi-annual report due!

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Ohio EPA has revised OAC Chapter 3745-31 (PTI, PTIO, and Exemptions) and includes amendments to OAC rules 3745-31-01, 3745-31-03, 3745-31-05, 3745-31-06, 3745-31-11, 3745-31-13, 3745-31-14, and 3745-31-33. The effective date of the adoption is May 1, 2016. If your facility has emissions units that qualify for a permanent exemption, some of the citations may have changed. The new rules are available on Ohio EPA's web page at:

Still finding eBiz Air Services confusing? Ohio EPA has posted some Training Videos.

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