Tammy Endlish has nearly 3 decades of environmental compliance assistance experience in the regulatory, industrial, and consulting fields.

Your time is valuable; let’s be succinct. How would you like to save time and money on your environmental permitting projects? Whether the environmental hat is new or, well–old hat, sometimes it just makes sense to bring in some help.

Feel free to explore the tabs for some background information about Endlish Environmental & Energy LLC (about), the environmental compliance services offered (services), contact information (contact), or check out the blog and environmental toolbox at environmenthq.com (still under development).

Tammy Endlish has written her first book–Navigating Environmental Compliance: Air, Hazardous Waste, Storm Water, Hazardous Chemicals, and Oil Storage Inventories, which will be available for sale at Amazon in January 2021. Click here and type “book” in the memo if you would like to receive one (1) e-mail with the link to the book on Amazon.com when it is available for purchase.

Thank you for your patience as I prepare the book for publishing. We had a family tragedy recently

and it will take a little time to regroup. Thank you for your well wishes and prayers.


Navigating Environmental Compliance Cover 5-22-2020