Step 1

After reviewing this information, please scroll down to SignUp – Step 2 where you will setup your subscription payment via PayPal.  In the comments section of the subscription form, please include your name, the complete domain name to be hosted (e.g., and a contact e-mail address.

Please complete the process individually for each domain name to be hosted.

The hosting administrative information will typically be submitted via E-mail to the new hosting customer within a few hours (24-48 hours if ordered during a holiday).

While still logged in to the domain manager, please change the DNS to and

Note:  We do not allow “splitting” accounts.

By setting up a subscription, you are indicating that you have read and will comply with our user agreement.

(NOTE: The user agreement contains important information about the restrictions on your site’s content and your account.)

Step 2

Schedule your payment subscription.

Basic Hosting Package (1 GB space + 10 GB data transfer/month)

one year hosting ($25.00 U.S. billed annually until cancelled):

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