—–a USA Family-Owned Small Business since 2002!


  • YourWebHQ is a reseller of domains from Tucows, a Top Level Registrar with ICANN.


  • YourWebHQ is a reseller of web space from Softlayer, who owns and operates the server that your website is hosted on. 


  • YourWebHQ hosting services are intended for personal and hobby sites that do not completely rely on e-commerce and webmail because we cannot guarantee uptime and backups of files and databases.  It is also great for start-up ventures.
  • If you need hosting for your small business, you may want to try Yahoo!for small business.
  • Backups of the website (files, database, emails) are not guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the site owner/administrator to ensure that backups are made as often as needed.
  • Please provide an off-server contact e-mail address (in your control panel) so we may contact you in the event of server disruption.


  • ICANN Registration Agreement–if you purchase a domain name through YourWebHQ, you are agreeing to the terms and become a “registered name holder”.


  • ICANN has changed the transfer policy to include more security features. This includes changing the name of the domain owner, which is considered a transfer even if it is to yourself.