Navigating Environmental Compliance

Tammy Endlish has nearly 3 decades of environmental compliance assistance experience in the regulatory, industrial, and consulting fields.

For the past 10 years, Endlish has also been training and mentoring new environmental compliance professionals one-on-one to help them become comfortable with their industrial facility’s environmental requirements.

With the goal of being able to help a larger number of people, Tammy Endlish has written Navigating Environmental Compliance: Air, Hazardous Waste, Storm Water, Hazardous Chemicals, and Oil Storage Inventories, which will be available for sale at Amazon on August 15, 2020. This book will help new environmental compliance professionals gain familiarity with a manufacturing facility and prepare (or update) the various inventories necessary to take the initial steps toward achieving or maintaining compliance with the basic environmental requirements. The book will also be helpful for anyone who either manages an environmental professional or wants to transition into an environmental compliance role–but does not have an environmental compliance background.

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Navigating Environmental Compliance Cover 5-22-2020

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