Endlish Environmental & Energy LLC provides expert technical and regulatory compliance assistance for industries that are subject to regulation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the state environmental agencies.

Services provided include:


The purpose of the Multimedia Facility Audit is to assess a facility’s compliance with key environmental programs including Air, RCRA, SARA/EPCRA, Storm Water, Wastewater, and Oil Storage. We will determine your facility’s requirements, document exemptions, and make recommendations on how to achieve or maximize compliance. The findings of the audit are documented in the Environmental Compliance Assessment Report, which may be used by the client as a guide to carry out the facility’s environmental compliance program.


Permit Applications

Potential to Emit (PTE) Analysis/Calculations

Emissions Reports

Title V Annual Compliance Certifications

Non-Title V Annual Compliance Reports

Other Permit-Required Compliance Reports (quarterly, semi-annual, annual)

NSPS and MACT Notifications and Reports

Fugitive Dust Work Practice Plans

Records Reviews/Template Forms

Emissions Testing Coordination and Onsite Test Day Support

Greenhouse Gas Reports (e-GGRT)


Universal Waste Shipment Preparation

Waste Characterizations, Sampling Coordination, Profiles, Approvals, Renewals

Hazardous Waste Generator Reports

Solid Waste Reports

Solid Waste License Applications

Training Materials


Individual NPDES Permit Applications

General NPDES Permit Notice of Intent (NOI)

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

Storm Water Sampling Coordination

Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR)

Routine (e.g., Quarterly) Inspections

Annual Reports

Training Materials


Hazardous Chemical Inventories

SARA 311 SDS and Chemical Notifications

SARA 312 Tier II Reports

SARA 313 TRI Reports


Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans (PE Review Subcontracted*)

Inspections (e.g., Monthly or Quarterly)

Training Materials


Training/Mentoring of New EHS Employees

Locum Tenens Environmental Services (during vacancies or EHS employee vacation/medical leave)

Technical Writing (plans, procedures, training materials)

Noise Level Assessments

Phase I ESA Assistance

*Endlish Environmental & Energy LLC does not utilize subcontractors without prior approval from the client. Any outside entities needed to complete a project, such as a stack test firm, or environmental lab, are contracted directly by the client. The exception is that a licensed, state-registered professional engineer is subcontracted by Endlish to review SPCC Plans. The fee for this service is included as a line item in the proposal for the project.